Transit reflections


The city of Munich has 16 fare zones in the transit system, bizarraly going 3 stops can mean 8 fare zones. Riders stand and stare in utter confusion at the complexity of ticket machine and various graphs and charts around it. While single tickets work in zones, day tickets work in ring, of which there are 3, that partially overlap. This makes day ticket cheaper than a one way ticket if crossing more than 2 zones. Usually. More odd is that weekly and monthly tickets abandon the ring system and revert to zones. And have fixed starting days, i.e. Weekly tickets can only start on monday and monthlies on the 1st. What sort of administration would create such a system, one thinking of funding transit or one trying to control mobility, not looking at questions of costs associated with riding, which could not be lower for a day card than a one way ticket, but rather classes of riders; employed, unemployed, tourist or visitor.

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