Stammtisch, Birthday Thanks and the Constitution of the Debtors’ Party Association.

So rather than wait until the end of the message, I thought I’d get right to the point: Despite the great party yesterday, Stammtisch is still going on today. So please come by. I’ll be there as 9pm as usual. At Cafe Buchhandlung. Map:


Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, as especially to Jeff for being the kitchen general, leading the preparations and the wonderful stuffed squash, among many contributions, Jack for being captain of the Turkey roasting, Diana for the legendary Sweet Potato Pie, Baruch for his heroic kitchen contributions that helped us pull off a flawlessly presented feast, Tara for the magnificent apple crumble, Tiffany for the precision Turkey Carving & for providing the spicy Caesar cocktails with Kirstin, who also instructed us on the science of rapid Turkey defrosting, and to Tsvika for his heroic potato peeling and the great performance with Yonatan which provided am unforgettable highlight to the evening, 

Another thing happened as we celebrated into the night, the Foundation Vote for the founding of the The Debtors’ Party Association passed. We now have an official Unincorporated Association, which gives us a transparent, accountable way to manage official membership and to make proposals and conduct votes.

If you’re already a member, please login and confirm the constitution, if you’re not yet a member, then send me, or any other member, your email address and we will add you.

The Unincorporated Association will not and can not be our final form of Association, we will most likely move on to found a UK Company Limited By Guarantee, or a German Eingetragener Verein (e.V) that provides a more scalable structure. The Unincorporated Association gives the basic organisational requirements to get started towards the many stages on the road to forming an International party, first and foremost being a way to legally maintain an official membership.

Here is the founding Constitution, courtesy of OneClickOrgs.

Join Us!


Definitions & Membership

  • This is the constitution (“Constitution”) of Debtors’ Party (“The Organisation”).
  • The Organisation has the objectives of To establish and maintain co-operation within an international network of political parties representing debtors. To promote the interests of those faced with the inescapable burden of debt in order to obtain the fundamental necessities of life, and those who have no access to the financial means to do so. To work towards equitable solutions in order to ensure they maintain their rights to home, health, and education, without taking on oppressive financial obligations. To promote the establishment of non-profit oriented means of supplying education, health care, child care, and housing, in the interest of preventing the accumulation of personal debt in the course of meeting essential human needs. To act in defence of social benefits, to oppose profit-driven privatization of essential public goods, and to work towards creating conditions where community-initiated solutions can thrive. To work towards a society in which the free development of each is a condition for the free development of all. (“Objectives”).
  • The Organisation may hold, transfer and dispose of material assets and intangible assets.
  • The Organisation uses an electronic system to carry out its governance (“Governance System”).
  • The Organisation has one or more members (“Members”) who support its Objectives.
  • Each Member nominates an email address at which they will receive important notices from the Organisation (“Nominated Email Address”).
  • Members may access the Governance System at the website
  • Members may view the current Constitution on the Governance System.
  • Members may view a register of current Members together with their Nominated Email Addresses on the Governance System.
  • Members may resign their membership via the Governance System.

Proposals & Decisions

  • Members may jointly make a decision (“Decision”) relating to any aspect of the Organisation’s activities as follows:
  • Any member may submit a proposal (“Proposal”) on the Governance System.
  • A Proposal may be voted on for a period of 3 days starting with its submission (“Voting Period”).
  • Members may view all current Proposals on the Governance System.
  • Members may vote to support (“Supporting Vote”) or vote to oppose (“Opposing Vote”) a Proposal on the Governance System during the Proposal’s Voting Period.
  • Members may only vote on Proposals submitted during their membership of the Organisation.
  • A Decision is made if a Proposal receives Supporting Votes from more than half of the Members during the Voting Period; or when more Supporting Votes than Opposing Votes have been received for the Proposal at the end of the Voting Period.
  • except that:
  • The Constitution may only be amended by a Decision where Supporting Votes are received from more than two thirds of Members during the Voting Period.
  • and
  • New Members may be appointed (and existing Members ejected) only by a Decision no Opposing Votes are received during the Voting Period.
  • Members may view all Decisions on the Governance System.






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