Objectives Of The Debtors’ Party.

The Organisation has the objectives of To establish and maintain co-operation within an international network of political parties representing debtors. To promote the interests of those faced with the inescapable burden of debt in order to obtain the fundamental necessities of life, and those who have no access to the financial means to do so. To work towards equitable solutions in order to ensure they maintain their rights to home, health, and education, without taking on oppressive financial obligations. To promote the establishment of non-profit oriented means of supplying education, health care, child care, and housing, in the interest of preventing the accumulation of personal debt in the course of meeting essential human needs. To act in defence of social benefits, to oppose profit-driven privatization of essential public goods, and to work towards creating conditions where community-initiated solutions can thrive. To work towards a society in which the free development of each is a condition for the free development of all. (“Objectives”).

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