Last to chance to vote for Thimbl, we need your vote!

So this is it. The last few hours to vote for Thimbl for the Open Web

We’ll keep this message nice and simple, because we’ve taken up enough of
your time taking about Thimbl. We wrote the manifesto,, about why we’re doing thimbl, we
wrote why we think thimbl should win,, we’ve made a
presentation,, and a video, , and even created a community forum,

We know that signing up for dumbeat to vote for us is kind of a pain, and
we even realize the odd contradiction of creating a distributed
microbloging platform that offers no way to sign up, and then asking you to
sign up for drumbeat to vote us. But that’s how the open web award works.

Transmediale has been really great for us, we’ve met lots of people and
introduced them to Thimbl, there’s is no doubt that we will carry a lot of
momentum forward from this process. So win or lose, this has been a really
great platform to kickstart Thimbl! Of course, it would be really awesome
to win, so please take the time to get a drumbeat account and give us your

We made step-by-stem instructions here:

Voting closes today, so if you’ve been meaning to vote, but haven’t got
around to it yet, this is your last chance.

With Kind Regards, your Telekommunisten.

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